Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rare Beast In Stock - T8500 Tandem

I love medium-duty GM trucks to no end, but I've a special place in my heart for certain models or configurations that I don't see all that often.

Case in point is the T-8500 tandem you see here. While the vast majority of T-series produced are in the 6500 or 7500 range, it's very rare to see an 8500, particuarly one spec'ed as a tandem rear drive - in stock at a dealer, no less.

And, if that weren't enough, the truck's equipped with an extremely long wheelbase. While it's wheelbase isn't not mentioned on the website, it could very likely be the EK7-code 260" variant.

This truck's equipped with a 245 hp version of the Duramax 7800, coupled through an Allison MDS3000 automatic transmission, and is available at Hardy Chevrolet of Gainesville, GA.


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