Friday, October 21, 2005

Rare 1987 GMC General Set Back Front Axle Tractor on Ebay

1987 GMC General Set-Back Front Axle on Ebay
A quick browse of eBay led to finding this, a 1987 General, equipped with the set-back front axle (SBFA) option.

This option was first offered on 116" BBC Generals during the 1987 model year, which proved to also be it's last. The regular fenders were equipped with new fiberglass units that sported staggered rectangular headlamps. It's rumoured that no more than 20 or so ever left the factory.

The truck is equipped with a Cat 3408 diesel engine, and appears to be in decent shape - aside from some damage to the right hand side fender.

You can see the auction here.


Anonymous jackman said...

I don't think the dude on ebay know's its worth. This thing is pretty sweet and i am currently fighting my wife for it. so far she is winning! ha ha. it will just give me a better chance when we argue for a soltice, i hoped i spelled it right this time. probaly not. ha ha.

10/23/2005 5:19 PM  

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