Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm Still Alive, I Swear...

No, I'm still alive. And no, I haven't been captured by GM's PR department.

Not that I've had any reason to be treated in such a manner. Although, it would be cool to be part of a kidnapping video with myself in front of a GMT 900 prototype...

Regardless, I apologize for the lack of posting here. But, as means of a "filler" post until some more news/history is suited to be posted, consider this an all points bulletin for the moment...

  • The Opel Spy Shots: While photographer Chris claims that the truck portrayed did have GM NAO tags, along with a large tag reading "OPEL" in the windshield, he wasn't able to snap a photo of the tags.

    And, seeing as the vehicle is otherwise a Ssangyong Kyron from the exterior, we can only speculate as to what the truck really was. Could have easily been a body transplant on the platform of the new Frontera, but as the Kyron's not sold here in the states, and as Ssangyong has more ties to DCX than GM, it's unlikely.

    The pics have come down for the moment, as there's no solid way we can relate them to GM Trucks.

  • Gunnell on eBay: Apparently, John Gunnell, author of many automotive books, including "GMC: The First 100 Years", is selling autographed copies of his works on eBay.

    While the GMC book listing I've linked to has since ended, you can look at his other items. Or drop him a note that his GMC book skimps out on some critical facts on medium duty, heavy duty, and bus history.

  • NAIAS: Yeah, I'm way too late on this one. Not to mention, my photographs at the show turned out kinda crappy, mainly due to equipment failure and massive crowds. The latter particuarly around the Monroe Kodiak C4500 Pickup.

  • Chicago Auto Show: Currently, the only truck introduction of note at the show has been that of the GMT 900 based Avalanche. I doubt GM will do much else at the show, but should hell indeed freeze over, you'll see the icicles here.

We'll have more historical posts coming soon.

Thanks for sticking with us.


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