Friday, November 11, 2005

The 'Sclade Emerges...

'07 Escalade

Finally pulling the wraps off it's final short-wheelbase GMT 900 based sport ute (until the new H2 emerges), GM unveiled the 2007 Cadillac Escalade in Hollywood yesterday.

My reaction.

" ".

And that's not good.

I anticipated the Escalade as being the styling leader of all the 900 variations. And to be completely blunt, it really just looks like a modified Denali.

'07 Escalade

Do I know that the headlamps are xenon projectors that differ? Yes. Do I know the grille and side portholes are taken from the Sixteen concept? Of course.

'07 Escalade

I just don't find it to truly be a Cadillac. They had a chance to make it a bold, dramatic, 'halo' vehicle, and instead, it's a nicely trimmed up Yukon.

'07 Escalade

I will complement GM on the interior, which I feel looks nicer than the new Tahoe and Yukon, but I'm still shocked to see how similar it appears to be to it's more 'spartan' brethren.

And I can't argue with the 6.2L VVT V8, coupled through a tiptronic 6-speed manual transmission. The combination puts out 403 hp, and 417 lb.ft. of torque.

'07 Escalade

But we'll see. Until I see it in person, my vote is if you're searching for a luxury 900, just load up a Tahoe. It'll be cheaper, and won't vary equipment wise as much as you'd imagine...


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