Tuesday, October 11, 2005

GM Heritage Center to Restore; Preserve Rare GMC Aero Astro

GM Heritage Center's GMC Aero Astro

During a recent visit to the GM Heritage Center, I briefly spoke with manager Greg Wallace regarding the status of their GMC Aero Astro.

Wallace has confirmed that the truck was used by Oldsmobile Motorsports throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but was unable to confirm any usage of the truck by GM Design Studios, as had previously been suggested.

1984 GMC Aero Astro

Between 1983 and 1984, an estimated less than 300 Aero Astros were built. Based upon the Astro cab-over class 8 tractor, the Aero Astro was intended to improve fuel economy, particuarly when hauling loads. In addition to fiberglass front panels, cab fairings, bumper caps, and flush mounted headlamps, the Aero Astro sported an adjustable roof mounted airfoil to match various trailer heights.

At any rate, Wallace was able to save the Aero Astro from being scrapped around two years ago by making a 'buisness case' for its acquisition.
Overall, it's in very good unrestored shape, with little to no rust on the chassis equipment, and no damage to the fiberglass aero panels.

Cosmetic restoration of the truck should occur sometime within a year. Exact details on the truck's powertrain are currently unknown.


Blogger HoosierDaddy said...

Spectacular to see a few of these are still about. I remember one Astro Aero had a starring role in a rather awful made for TV movie about an attempted theft of a nuclear warhead. The publicity didn't do them much good (the other class 8 truck in the movie was a nice looking Brigadier if I recall correctly so I assume it was a GM product placement).

I do see a few Astros running around and even saw a General SBA the other day. It's a shame they exited the business.

4/09/2006 12:02 AM  

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