Wednesday, July 27, 2005

L'Hummer etait arrivee...est-ce que c'est vrai?

Only a few months after hitting domestic showrooms, GM is announcing that the new HUMMER H3 is now available in Europe, albeit don't be as optimistic as General Motors' press bureau is.

A close-up look at released images do indeed show the H3 tooling around the metropolitan Paris area, but the vehicles themselves do not seem to be production-intent for Europe. The lack of fender-mounted side indicators, among other lighting changes, is the biggest signal that these aren't quite ready to be sold in the EEC at this time.

As was the case with other GM imports, the H3 will initially be a left-hand-drive model only, powered by the Vortec 3.5 L5, and will be built in Shreveport, LA. In late 2006, Europe will begin receiving a South African built H3, complete with right-hand-drive availability, and a diesel engine.

While GM's stayed relatively mum on the drivetrain, expect this motor to be Isuzu's 4JH1TC, given the H3's GMT 355 lineage, and the fact that this engine is already certified for sale in the EEC in Isuzu's 355 pickup variant. This 3.0 liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel delivers 129 hp, and 206 lb/ft of torque when equipped with the 5 speed manual, 217 when coupled to the automatic transmission.


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