Monday, July 11, 2005

GMT Model Kit - AMT GMC Astro 95

How's this for a rarity? Not only is AMT (now AMT/Ertl/RC2)'s Astro 95 kit a reasonably good one, but this issue allows the builder to recreate a very rare truck indeed. In 1970, GMC built an Astro 95 that was powered by an Allison Gas Turbine engine. AMT threw in the decals and the turbine engine into most Astro issues from '71 through '74, and never did again afterwards.

The downside is what you can see on this Ebay auction. It still has 3 days to go, and has already reached a whopping $61.00. I'll put it this way - my Giga kit (see upcoming "Build-a-Blog" was a dollar less than that, including shipping.

It'd be nice to see RC2 re-release the turbine engine, but in the meantime, your best bet to get one is this auction. Should you have the itch, and the cashflow, bid away.


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