Monday, August 22, 2005

G Van Diesel; Class C Presentations Available

2006 G-VansThere's been a fair amount of interest in the new availability of the Duramax 6.6 liter turbo-diesel V8 in the 2006 G-Vans. While (for some strange reason) limited to 2500 and 3500 cargo vans only, it's a sign that GM's expanding the market horizons of these vans - as they hoped to do when launching the new Class C cutaway chassis last year.

Savana w/ Duramax Unigraphics Model
While most information on these trucks is relatively scarce, you can now view and download Powerpoint presentations given on these trucks during their introduction at the Wentzville Assembly Plant.

Front-Of-Dash Revisions
Perhaps the most interesting presentation is the engineering overview of the new Duramax-equipped vans. While it may seem relatively simplistic to put the Duramax into the engine bay, substantial revisions occured throughout.

Interior Revisions
While some changes, like interior trim bolsters, were relatively minor, many components, including the body's engine opening, had to be resized and redone in order to equip this engine. The largest changes took place in the vans' HVAC system, mostly due to the addition of a fuel operated heater.

The engine presentation also gives some interesting prototype photos of the Duramax installed. Additionally, it gives a few comparisons to the Ford E-Series vans equipped with the PowerStroke diesel.

Class C Chassis Changes
The oft-forgotten Class-C motorhome cutaway also has its own set of presentations, mainly to prove it has a market case, and to highlight what changes have occured to the chassis. These changes consist of frame reinforcments and mounting points, heavier duty suspension, and integration of engine and transmission oil coolers.

You may download and view the presentations from the following links:

Duramax Diesel Presentations

Class C Presentations


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